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Why Guardian?
Guardian is dedicated to managing your home as if it were our own. We pride ourselves on prompt and courteous customer service, honesty, and integrity. Our goal is to maintain your investment value while keeping happy and satisfied tenants. Our company is hands-on and family oriented. We will give you the best service possible!!!

Rental Evaluation
BungalowWe are aware of the constantly changing market conditions. Rental prices can fluctuate yearly, even monthly. We will give you a price range of what your home will most likely rent for. We will assess your properties condition and advise you of any recommend repairs, painting, yard maintenance, or general upkeep that may be necessary to attract a quality tenant. This will also help maximize your curb appeal, maintain your properties value, and rental value.

We will aggressively advertise your property on our web-site, which is also linked into several national sites such as, Oodle, and Yahoo Real Estate. We will also place a "For Rent" sign in your yard (if permitted) along with directionals and brochures. There is no extra cost for advertising (unless you authorize us to place an ad in a print publication - such as The Tribune).

Our Leasing Agents are available Monday - Saturday, 9am - 5pm to show available rentals. Showings are done by appointment, and we will do our best to accommodate a potential tenant's needs.

Screening Process
All applicants age 18 and older must complete an application. We will review their criminal and credit history, employment info, wage verification and prior rental history. A determination will be based on our criteria. All applicants are screened based on Fair Housing Laws.

Rental Agreements
Rental agreements are designed to protect your investment income and you. Keeping on top of the latest local, State, Federal property and tenant laws, guarantees that our leases and practices stay compliant with the Fair Housing Statutes. Protecting you from the threat and expense of litigation.

We collect and process all rental income from tenants. We will enforce on-time rent payment and handle any non-sufficient funds we may receive. We will review each lease renewal to assure you are receiving the best income from your investment.

We require all tenants to pay ample security deposits to ensure their pledge of compliance with the rental agreement terms and conditions. All securtiy desposits are kept in an escrow account.

Pets are not a protected class (unless a companion animal). Pets will not be allowed unless specified approval is given by the owner.  If approved, all tenants who have pets will be assessed an additional deposit and required to show proof of renter's insurance. Pets will only be approved with an acceptable pet reference from previous landlords. We will not allow any pets that are considered dangerous per the CDC, such as Dobermans, Pit Bulls, and Rotweilers.

A walk-thru is conducted approximately 3 to 4 months after a new tenant has moved in. This is to ensure that the tenant has not brought in any unauthorized pets or occupants and to ensure they are maintaining the property in a satisfactory manner. Annual walk-thru's are also conducted as well.

Guardian has an experienced maintenance staff on hand to handle all needs as they arise. With our own maintenance staff, we provide a more consistent, less expensive, higher quality service. Because our crew has time to get to know your properties, they can save you money by spotting and correcting recurring problems a one-time contractor might not notice. Tenants can also use our online maintenance request form along with our 24/7 telephone service. Owners must approve all major repairs over the repair amount stipulated in your individual management contract.

Comprehensive Accounting Services
Totally computerized accounting and record keeping provides accuracy and efficiency. We maintain all security deposits account records. You will receive monthly and yearly income and expense statements. You will be provided a complete tax record at the end of the year. We comply with all IRS requirements and issue a 1099 in January for the gross rents collected each calendar year. We pay all bills pertaining to the property.

Our Goal
Our goal is to achieve the highest maximum income and provide the highest quality service for our clients. We strive to stay in communication with our owners and tenants.

Management Fees
Management fees vary depending on how many properties you may have, their location, and condition. Please contact us for your no obligation quote today.

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